Today's episode features Michelle Diffenderfer, a woman who wears many hats, from a wife and mother of two teen girls, to an entrepreneur/President of...View Details

Christian Taylor, Co-host of the Holy Post Podcast weaves stories. In this episode, she shares tales of her life's adventures and how they led her to ...View Details

Lent isn't just another New Year's resolution. It's all about intention. On this episode, Laura treats listeners to Lenten history complete with "Fun ...View Details

Tiffany VanDeMark is a delightfully inspiring and sassy woman who is thriving in mid-life. In this episode, Tiffany shares parts of her life's journey...View Details

Jamie, back for the second half of her life story, shares with us the loves of her life, her black family. We know this is not an easy topic. Both Eli...View Details

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